About IOF

Welcome to the new Iraq Oil Forum, a meeting place for all those interested in Iraq’s oil industry and politics. On this forum, I will continue bringing my readers insights on developments taking place in or affecting Iraq’s oil sector but in a different format than my previous writings for Energy Intelligence publications.

My regular commentary in “The View From Baghdad” brings you exactly that: the view from inside Iraq. In “The Interview” you will read the views and opinions of the movers and shakers in Iraqi oil and politics, in their own words, without comment or paraphrasing. The pictures of places and people in the “Gallery” will bring you closer to the reality on the ground. “The Forum” is where experts and observers can make comments and express opinions about issues and developments affecting Iraq’s oil. Those comments will be moderated to keep the debate closely linked to the issues under discussion. Finally, a selection from my previous writings on Iraq over the past years appear under “Perspective”.

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About IOF editor: Ruba Husari is a journalist and expert on Middle East oil. She has written about Iraq’s oil industry for industry newsletters published by Energy Intelligence including International Oil Daily, Energy Compass and Petroleum Intelligence Weekly from 2000 to 2009. She is now based in Baghdad.